Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hello March!

I'll start this post off with this random photo.  Any guesses as to what you're looking at?

Well. . . it appears that Andy has a mouse/mice in his car.  Or at least his glove compartment for sure. This package contained 50 communion wafers and the mice ate every single one!  We now have some traps set in the garage and I am feeling super relieved that they haven't discovered the van or made their way into the house!

Curtis's class took a field trip to a dentist.

He has perfected his "open wide".

During Graydon's swimming lessons, they had the kids jump off of the diving board.  Many of the kids ran across the board and jumped right in.  Graydon was a bit more timid, as you will see.  But he showed so much courage and was so proud of himself at the end.  And I was super proud too.

Feeling a little chilly at lunch time.

Daylight Savings started and now it's dark again in the mornings while we wait at the bus stop.

After dinner one evening, while I was getting the boys' bath ready, I came down the hall and found Curtis like this.

Big Sister got a little carried away with her markers.

I guess since he was about to take a bath anyway. . . why not?

And I scored a bathtime helper!

One afternoon, Curtis got stuck running more errands than usual with me.  He wasn't too happy about it until we were done and I treated him to a restaurant of his choice.  He picked Panera!  He has recently become a pretty big fan of their soup.

Andy's sister and family were in town for the weekend.  We've got our own little basketball team now!

Curtis just likes to be silly sometimes.  :)


The kids were out exploring in the little valley between our house and the church and they found this little critter.  People around here call them "crawdads".  I guess they're freshwater crayfish that showed up when all of the snow melted, leaving a little stream in that area.

More basketball!

And more exploring.








And then it was time to say goodbye.  Weekends go by so fast.

I surveyed the scene on our deck.  Within the last week, all of these items ranging from sleds and snowboards to crocs and shovels, had been used.  What a turnaround in the weather!

Our kids are now on Spring Break. We are enjoying a more relaxed pace this week and are also throwing in some fun family outings as well. Tomorrow, we're going to the zoo!

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Swim Lessons

The boys began swimming lessons two Tuesdays ago. As soon as I told them that I signed up for lessons, they were counting down the days. "Five more days. . . four more days. . . " And then the day of their first class arrived, and it ended up being canceled due to weather. Big bummer. So they had to wait another whole week until finally, swimming lessons!

Curtis's class goes first.


Graydon is right after.  We caught him showing a new friend how he lost his first tooth - something he has been very proud of.


Here's some video footage from the lessons. 

So far they've worked on getting their faces/heads in the water and some floating.  I'll probably sign them up for lessons again when the summer starts; but I just really want to get these boys swimming.

I was away at a church retreat this weekend, so Andy was on his own with the kids.  One great thing he did was take them to Target where they each picked out some new Legos!  We very rarely buy our kids new toys outside of holidays and birthdays, so this was a rare treat. 

Bella helped Curtis with his new set. 

Graydon chose a Ninja turtle and a small pack of Legos.

Bella added some of her own money so that she could purchase a big barn to go with her other Lego Friends structures.  I don't have any pictures of that yet, but she just finished putting it together yesterday. 

After Curtis drinks a smoothie, he always feels really cold.  Andy took care of that for him!

While I was away, the kids drew pictures and cards for me. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter Wonderland

Between delayed starts and snow days, the kids haven't had a full day of school in over a week!  Not that we're complaining.  We have been having so much fun in the snow!

On this particular day, it was chilly and I didn't want to go out.  All three kids got their snow gear on by themselves.  The only thing I think I had to do was tie a scarf or help with mittens.  And then they were off and I could enjoy watching them from the comfort of a warm dining room.  It is times like these when I can definitely appreciate this phase of life that we are in.
IMG_0805 Pink cheeks!


Saturday brought more snow fall and warmer temperatures which created the perfect packing snow!  Even I went out to play.  Graydon and I made this snowman. 


IMG_0832 Bella and I made this snow fort.
IMG_0833 When we were worn out from that, we did a little sledding and snowboarding.  Well, Bella snowboarded.  I fell down a lot.  Bella actually took some video of me, just for fun.  These few attempts were actually my most successful.  And I am wearing one of Bella's spare pair of snowpants which is why they are short and the straps are hanging down.
She makes it look so easy!  When I was going down the hill, it felt like I was going fast and falling hard.  When I watch the replay, everything looks so much slower!  I guess it goes to show. . . a thrill seeker - I am not. 

It's been a bit wiggly for a couple of weeks, but on Sunday night, Graydon lost his first tooth!  He was outside on the swing set with Bella and they came in with "a surprise"!


The tooth fairy brought him a dollar.  He was expecting an iPod.  :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy {HEART} Day!

Hearts.  Candy.  Cookies.  Red.  Valentines.  Love.  SUGAR!  But before I get into all of that. . .

We have a new basketball player in our house!

About a week ago, Andy received a phone call from the 4th grade team's basketball coach, asking if Bella wanted to play (she was opening the team up to a few 3rd graders).  She couldn't guarantee that Bella would play much, but it would give her a year to learn some of the basics and then she would be all the stronger next year.  We've been attending several of the high school games and all of our kids have been gaining an interest in basketball; so Bella agreed, though she was a little nervous. 

She had her first practices on Wednesday and Thursday night and then two games on Saturday morning!  We didn't think she would be playing, but with a few of the fourth graders missing, she was actually out there quite a bit.  With only 2.5 hours of official practice with her coach, there were a lot of aspects to the game that she was unfamiliar with.  But we were really proud of her and think that she has a lot of great potential.   

On to V-Day. . .

Earlier in the week, here's our girl putting her valentines together. 

The boys made ninja turtle valentines. 

Cupcakes for school!

Curtis's preschool party. 

Balancing a candy heart on a spoon and racing across the gym. 


Flowers from Andy! 

I made some chocolate covered strawberries and let Bella lick the bowl of leftover chocolate.  She made lipstick out of it.  She's a nut. 

Strawberry shakes!



Our next-door-neighbor surprised us with this plate of cookies and some chocolates.  We have the BEST neighbors! 

The traditional heart-shaped pizzas. 

Lots of red at our table. 

I got Andy some wall hangings for the basement:  Packers, Colts, and John Deere. 

Miss Jane sent the kids a package which we let them open after dinner.  Lots of goodies for them!  We love Miss Jane! 

The boys disappeared pretty quickly and I found them in our room coloring the Ninja Turtle pictures from Miss Jane. 


Bella made a LEGO church for Andy's children's message the following day. 

And today we got some more snow!  Here is Bella snowboarding!