Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September so far. . .

Here's a little bit of what we've been up to these past couple of weeks.

Curtis - my lunch date most days.

It's hard to see, but the boys found boxes that they made into "beds" that they intended to sleep in one night.  That lasted for all of five minutes.  I think one of them slept on the guest room bed and the other ended up back in their bedroom. 

I went with Curtis on a preschool field trip to an apple farm.

There was a petting zoo there and these animals were eager!

Curtis laughed because it tickled his hands. 

One Saturday morning, we made another visit to a church member's farm.  Graydon is trying to get closer to some goats. 

But they just wanted to get away. 

There were 11 llamas and an alpaca. 

Bella found a mushroom.  Andy has turned her into a mushroom hunter! 

Checking out the chicken coop. 


Some mornings, we wake to find that Curtis has snuck in bed with us. 

Our church hosts a blood drive every 56 days.  Here's Andy making his donation.  I was turned away because my iron was a little low.  First time that has happened.  I intend to take my vitamins and be back in gear by the next blood drive on November 11. 

Bella's sketch of a wall in her bedroom. 

A few weeks ago, Curtis learned to ride his bike with no training wheels!  Andy and I worked with him a little bit, but he was so determined to figure it out that we could often find him in the garage or parking lot practicing.  Finally, success!

Here's a little cell phone video of him riding.  

My brother, Scott, came down this past weekend.  We all had so much fun hanging out with him and enjoying our first campfire of the season. 


Hotdogs, brats, and later on s'mores! 

This past Sunday, we went to our first ever cattle auction!  The least expensive cow that day was around $1700 and the most expensive was $29,000!  Last year, the mother (or sister, can't remember) of that expensive cow was auctioned off for over $50,000!  Andy and I just tried to make sure we weren't waving or rubbing our noses and accidentally bidding on these high-ticked animals! 

The kids were more interested in climbing the hay bails.  

Prior to this past weekend, they were all cows to me.  Here is what I now know and I thought I'd pass the info along. . .

Cow - a female bovine who has given birth to a calf. 
Heifer - a female bovine who has never given birth to a calf.
Steer - a male bovine that has been castrated
Bull - a mature bovine used for breeding purposes

Now you know!

Later that same day, we enjoyed relaxing together and watching the Packer game! 

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Turning 34 and other things. . .

This is not my first birthday in a new place.  It seems that, whenever we've made a big move, it's always been around the beginning of August, with my birthday arriving just a few short weeks later.  But this is my first birthday that has ever fallen on a school day.  It felt a little strange to send Bella and Graydon off to school when I've become so used to having my kids around on my special day.  But I still had Curtis and we got some special hangout time.  And he got to run errands with me - lucky boy.  The real celebrating began in the evening when everyone came home.  We had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and Andy made me some brownies (which turned out much better than LAST YEAR'S!

The following day, we went on another farm tour.  Andy got to drive a gator. 

If you look closely at the picture, you can see that Graydon is steering the tractor.  They didn't go straight or anything, but he sure did enjoy that experience. 

A little over a month ago, the kids were getting buried in sand.  Now it's corn!




Bella's turn to steer this time.  She did pretty good going straight!

A Happy Meal toy at McDonalds. 

Graydon asked me to take his picture. 

Curtis is starting to get much better at cleaning up after himself.  He wanted me to take a picture of him cleaning. 

Bella and Graydon's school photos have already come back!  Both kids are looking so much older to me. 

My parents were in town and my mom purchased a slip n' slide for the kids that was on clearance. 


We played lots of games: movie trivia, Spoons, Uno, and matching. 

My mom brought her cotton candy maker!

And though we're closer, we were still sad to see them leave.  Thankfully our next visit will be sooner than later!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Curtis's First Day of Preschool!

After watching Bella and Graydon get up and go off to school for the past two weeks, Curtis was definitely ready for his turn.



His preschool is just across the field. 


Yellow cubby! 

Working with Play-Doh when we said goodbye.  No tears!  He's such a big boy. 

I forgot to post Bella and Graydon's "First Day of School" videos, so I'll include them here as well.  Here's how all of the first days went from the kids' perspectives. . .

On a more random note, a hummingbird got stuck in our garage.  He was flapping around so fast that I thought he was just a big bug at first.  He flew around for hours and often perched up on top of the garage door track.  Bella tried to lure him out with a flower taped to the end of a broom.  Finally, he flew to a window and Andy was able to lift up the screen.  Cute little fella.   

Friday, August 22, 2014

Andy's Installation as the new pastor at Hope Moravian!

Andy's first official Sunday at our new church was August 17th. 

Before the official "installation", our family was welcomed in as new members.  (Curtis is hidden behind Graydon, but you can see his Batman shoes).

The installation is the formal part of the service where Andy is officially made the pastor of this church.

Praying for Andy and his ministry here. 




After the service, we enjoyed a gathering of new church family and some yummy food.  Everyone has been so warm and friendly.  We are very "hope"ful about our days to come at this church!